Is your business getting the most out of its IT resources?

Could the expert eyes of one of our engineers provide the support you need to upgrade a project, install a new system or even migrate your servers? Could our skilled consultants help you to work more efficiently?

The members of our team are available to work alongside you and provide short-term, long-term or permanent support. We can work with you as a virtual IT department or support your IT team and cover holiday periods, sickness leave or job changes.


What do you need your IT systems to do for you? Our experienced consultants and project managers can identify the outcomes you’re aiming for, then work alongside you and your team to make sure you reach your goals.


Need the additional skill set of an engineer to enhance your IT team? Need support for your particular market sector? Our engineers have worked on some of the largest national and international IT projects in recent years. Talk to us and find out more about our services.

Interim Staff

Need to cover the holiday period? Struggling because your IT staff are on sick leave? Need an extra pair of hands to tackle a new project? With our Red Assist Interim support package, it’s business as usual.

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