Anti-Virus & Security

It’s important to keep your data and network safe

This means ensuring that you’re protected from attack from both external and internal sources. From unauthorised internal access and data breaches to Trojan horses and malware, we employ the best security products and practices in the industry to keep you safe.

Whether it’s an end user device such as a phone, tablet, computer –  or your servers and internet connections, with Red Maple you can rest assured you’re protected.


We’ll provide security monitoring and anti-virus protection for all your hardware to keep you safe


We’ll assess your network to ensure best practices are being met with firewalls and network segregation to keep you secure


Block, monitor and report on any websites that could threaten your internet security and business integrity


Make PCI compliance simple. We’ll ensure you meet all the requirements to keep your business running smoothly

ISO 27001

At Red Maple we work to ISO 27001 data security standards and can help your business to achieve the same

Data Protection Act

We can help you ensure that your business complies with all levels and requirements of the Data Protection Act

Regulatory Requirements

The Data Protection Act of 1998 states that if your business stores data, it’s your legal responsibility to ensure that it’s kept safe from accidental loss, destruction or damage. We’ll ensure you have the right systems in place to protect your data – and keep your business safe from harm.

Measures include anti-virus software, firewalls, employee permissions, account suspension and procedural and preventative methods.

Do your customers use credit cards to make payments?

Does your business comply with the Payment Card Industry regulations?

If your business stores payment data in any form, we’ll ensure that you meet the required security levels, as detailed by the Payment Card Industry, to protect you from penalty fines and cancelled contracts.

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