Meet the Team: Joe Tommany

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Who we are …..

Red Maple remove your IT headaches by offering a range of services to businesses across the North East and beyond. Based at Vallum Farm in Northumberland and operating since 2006, Red Maple provide ongoing managed IT support right through to one off projects including off site back- ups, resourcing, antivirus and security updates. The team cut through ‘techie’ jargon, making IT easy to understand, offering solutions to keep your business running smoothly

Meet Joe

Not just technical whizz kids, here we find out more about the team and today introduce Joe.

  1. Describe your role at Red Maple

I’m the one that helps our customers when things go wrong. It could be that their computer is a little under the weather or that they have simply forgotten their password. Whatever it is, I’m there to help! I also complete site visits and equipment installations, so be sure to say hello when you see me!


  1. What is it about Red Maple that is different to other IT firms out there?

We’re really efficient and streamlined because we take a different approach to IT support and managed services. We fix most things before our clients even know they’re broken, which means less downtime for our customers and fewer larger scale problems to fix.


  1. Describe a typical day at Red Maple

If all is going well, the support line won’t ring at all. But rather than just putting our feet up waiting for a call, we constantly monitor, manage and tinker behind the scenes to make sure everything is running smoothly and that our services are constantly improved. It’s always busy in one way or another, even when everybody in the office looks calm and collected!


  1. In another life, if you weren’t an IT guru, what other profession would you have had?

I think a racing driver or a deep-sea diver… both would be fun!


  1. What’s the best bit of business advice you have ever been given?

“Buy things that appreciate, rent things that depreciate”


  1. Tell us one interesting fact that people don’t know about you

I’ve broken three world records in gaming. Two have since been beaten and the third can’t ever be beaten…


  1. Name 4 people dead or alive you would invite to a dinner party

Albert Einstein, Lawrence Krauss, Nikola Tesla and Stephen Hawking.


  1. When you are not at work, how do you like to spend your time?

I like building and tuning PCs. I love fishing, going to the gym, reading a good fantasy novel or comic book, playing video games and listening to the odd bit of ham radio.

  1. If you got stranded on a desert island, what are the 3 things you would take with you?

A compass, a sea plane and a survival bag. Is that cheating? Oh, OK then; my fishing bag, a comfy recliner and a good book.


  1. If your customers were to describe Red Maple in 3 words what would they say?

Friendly, professional and efficient!